The Voice of Your Hands, a project in Ronneby council which finishes with a video installation in Massmanska kvarnen, Ronneby, Sweden, 2002.

The Voice of Your Hands was a continuation and a deeper investigation of parts of the artwork Community Spirit in a Large Forest or Why Can I Never Stop Crying – a Sewing Circle in Progress. The artistic process served as an exploration in the meaning and function of textile as craft for a few women in the county of Blekinge. I interviewed eight women in their home environments about their relationship to the textile material and about what importance the craft has had in their life. Along with the interviews, I also documented the eight women working on their specific textile craft. There are eight different voices and eight different techniques. The work was about time, about letting the work take its time, and about giving time.

The interviews where then presented in an installation containing eight different living rooms or kitchen-like environments with eight TV monitors. The visitors where able to sit down in the furniture and follow the work of the hands on the screens. At the same time, they could also feel and hear the voices from the interviews and the sound of the work being done through the furniture. All the interviews lasted a half an hour.