67,3% performative research seminar Malin Arnell
May 10-12, 2014
Weld in Stockholm

Over the course of three days, artist Malin Arnell enacted a performative research seminar at Weld in Stockholm. The seminar encompassed a number of public actions, screenings and discussions that directly engaged her ongoing artistic research, which was generated through the live events. Specifically, the title 67,3% performative research seminar points to the moment that this seminar occupied within the arc of her research, which currently takes place within the framework of a PhD in Choreography at School of Dance and Circus / Stockholm University of the Arts.

Arnell understood 67,3% performative research seminar as a methodology of entanglements in which each participant comes to exist within the research, and in which the movement across reenactments, presentations and conversations generates the choreographic.

Please find within a detailed program of events, outlining the actions, activities and discussions that will take place during 67,3% performative research seminar, which are all open to the public.

Invited participants where: Katherine Brewer Ball, Camilla Damkjaer, Ulrika Gomm, Hanna Hallgren, Lena Hammergren, Anna Koch, Efva Lilja, Clara López Menéndez, Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio and Stefanie Seibold.

As a part of 67,3% performative research seminar, Malin Arnell created The Reader, a compilation of key texts that she has written, performed and/or published as part of her artistic research.

The Program/Reader for 67,3% performative research seminar was made through the collaborative effort of Malin Arnell and Alhena Katsof, with the help of Clara López Menéndez. Graphic design by Sara Kaaman.