Rehearsal after Reflect Soft Matte Discourse #1, action, Feminists in Space - International performance art festival at Warehouse 9, Copenhagen, November 12 2011.

For Feminists in Space, Arnell will present her work Rehearsal after Reflect Soft Matte Discourse, which is a continuation of a series of performances following Gina Pane’s instructions from her 1975 performance Discours mou et mat. Discours mou et mat was originally performed by Gina Pane and an unknown woman at De Appel Gallery in Amsterdam. 

Carefully following the existing documentation and given instructions of that event, Arnell proceeded to reenact Pane's performance, transferring its location to Stockholm and its occurrence till present time. What did happened in that room while the performance took place? What could it mean to re-construct the gestures of the past in the realm of the present? During the action aspects of politics, aesthetics, impact and empathic reaction played a powerful role, perhaps could be said, unexpected. 

For this occasion the performer, in her attempt to explore the experience and implications that reproducing Pane's work entails, has invited two guest to accompany her in this detour. Clara López as "the body of an unknown woman" and Imri Sandström as the usually anonymous spectator whose engagement turned her into an inevitable participant. Two bodies that were part on the existence of that moment in the present, possibilities for those who regarded them in the past, and who will give account of their perceptions.

Also included in the performance are video documentation from Reflect Soft Matte Discourse made by Ulrika Gomm. Texts and quotes from Gina Pane, Bettina Brandl-Risi and Anja Zimmermann.

With the support of the Mobility Programme, Kulturkontakt Nord.

Here you can read in the Feminists in Space catalogue