I Didn’t Do It For Nothing, performance, 35 min, Art & Crime: Insubordination, Recife, Brazil, 2008 and Act Out, Èvora, Portugal, 2008.

The performance I Didn’t Do It For Nothing is an altogether own confrontation and a tribute to Valerie Jean Solanas (1936-1988) and her literary manifesto SCUM Manifesto. The performance is based on the experience I made during the work with the project Solanas’ Sisters which was a project together with the Swedish author Sara Stridsberg during 2005.

On the performance:
I’m sitting by a desk in a dark room, my assistant is standing behind me (in her light colored body stocking) holding up signs when I tell her to; The Man is responsible for 1. WAR 2. NICENESS, POLITENESS, and “DIGNITY” and so forth. We can all follow a 35 minutes video which is screened on the wall somewhere behind, the audience participate by reading chosen excerpts from the Scum Manifesto (New York, 1968) and from Jacques Derridas lecture “The Ends of Man” (New York, 1968). There is too much to be said. It is all happening again until the waves take the Man away. It’s not even me, Valerie Solanas says in one interview. Somewhere else she says: My instincts tell me to dig chicks. Why should my standards be lower than yours? We dance.