Coming to an end / Opening up for a new circle, workshop/performance, 2011, Insisting to be part of this moment/movement (convinced of our greatness), Malmö Free University for women, Konsthall C, Stockholm

We invite you to take part in the grand transformation of MFK. Malin Arnell will lead us in a performance and guide our actions through a series of simple activities that aim at bringing us all together and claiming our space in the world. This activity is possible only due to your presence and passion for collective change, as well as the trust built between us and the common will to never give up. We need you to be on time, engaged, present and ready. 4 hours - no more, no less. No skills necessary, anyone can take part. Come help us close the door to the past and open up for a new circle.

She says: Visibility must be avoided.
She says: In the beginning there is an end.
She says: I agree that aggression is a part of life and therefore also part of the politics.
She says: We simply have to trust each other.
She says: Language is not the result of an identity.
She says:
First Do good (without permission), lie, articulate, make realities, assert conventions paranoid fiction.
2nd Respect others, be generous and suspicious, talk to close, (repeat for a given name).
3rd Spread the word as needed (the more you give, the more you take pleasure), feel disgust.
She says: You have no choice.
She says: Struggles creates language in which a new order manifests itself.
She says: How can I explain to you?
She says: All rooms are passages for light.
She says: This is a passage.