Beyond this Point (2015), a drive-in action, 45 min. Address of location: 543 Malcolm Ave. In the framework of FD13 residency for the arts, in St. Paul, MN, USA

543 Malcolm Ave SE is an industrial property. It has 5,227 sq ft of land. It has an estimated value of $1.58 Million. Now owned by The Wall Companies. It's a site of development. It will be part of The Minnesota Innovation Park.

The audience was invited to come in cars to the location. The gates was open. The audience was instructed by one person standing by the gate to follow the red car and drive after it throughout the action. They were invited at their own risk. 15 cars followed.

The action was made by the location, the cars, the instructions, the dirt road, the light from the cars, the lights from the headlight of the working body, the darkness (the limited sight), the body that was building a forth in a pile of left-over wood and digged up tree, the sound of the intermingling pieces of wood, the repetition of the cars that followed the route (about 15 times), the talking or silent bodies in the cars, the body that moved through the lot dragging a heavy piece of a tree behind it and moving a wooden spool in front of it, the silhouette of the city center in the background. We borrowed a piece of land and together we came in to motion.

Below part of an interview with Malin Arnell made by Anaïs Nony paired with the video documentation of the drive-in action produced by FD13 residency for the arts.

This residency and the action is made possible with support by Iaspis, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Programme for Visual Artists.