YES! Association/Föreningen JA! is an art collective, an artwork, an association, an art worker, an institution, a group of people working to overthrow the ruling system of heteronormative, patriarchal, racist, and capitalist power structures by putting into practice a structural redistribution of access to financial resources, space and time within the art scene.

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YES! Association/Föreningen JA! was founded in 2005 in connection with exhibition Art Feminism – Strategies and Consequences in Sweden from the 1970s to the Present. At the exhibition opening, YES! Association/Föreningen JA! performed Press Conference/Performance in which they presented gender-specific statistics for the institutions responsible for the exhibition. Towards the end of the press conference, the institutions were invited to sign YES! Association/Föreningen JA!’s Equality Agreement #1. All institutions declined unanimously. Since then, the agreement has been reformulated and renegotiated in relation to different institutions and situations, and now exists in several versions, all aimed at promoting social diversity in the field of art.

The activities of YES! Association/Föreningen JA! deal with rights discourse, utopia, assimilation, radical difference, how and if we can name and use identity categories for the purpose of emancipation without reproducing the prevailing discriminatory power structures yet again.

As a means to work through these issues YES! Association/Föreningen JA! uses fiction, enactments and performance. One of the fundamental concepts is to rehearse and/or set in motion a certain situation, and thereby gain experience and skills that can be applied in a future “real-life” situation. Using fiction as a preparation for the future.

YES! Association/Föreningen JA! is run by its board co-art workers: Malin Arnell 2005-present (founder); Åsa Elzén 2008-present; Johanna Gustavsson 2005-2011 (founder); Line S. Karlström 2005-2009 (founder); Anna Linder 2005-2007 (founder); Fia-Stina Sandlund 2005-2008 (founder).