Solo show at SEPTEMBER, Berlin 21.11.2009 - 16.1.2010

Excerpts from the Press Release
SEPTEMBER is pleased to present the exhibition TO THIS END, IT IS NOT ENOUGH/ by the Swedish artist and activist Malin Arnell. A main aspect of Arnell’s artistic practice is her cooperation with others; the creation of coalitions and collaborations as an alternative to subjective individual positions. // “I see art as a process of understanding,” says Arnell, “An activity which produces knowledge, a communicative practice, a post-revolutionary action. It concerns the organization of bodies, gaze and concepts in the prolongation of space and time…” TO THIS END, IT IS NOT ENOUGH/ is not a classical ‘solo exhibition’ but a project with 30 women that incorporates the gallery space of SEPTEMBER, the parking area in front of it and the street. For two days in August, Arnell asked the participants to carry out a series of exactly specified actions which were captured on video. The first instruction, for example, was: “Suddenly, we will rush out of the gallery through the front door together in a group. We will run around the building and return into the gallery through the back door. This action will be repeated five times. The sixth time you run out the door, you can relax outside the gallery.” The sequence of seemingly simple everyday actions, such as lying down, standing, talking and jumping up, yields a complex choreography reflecting all kinds of aspects: the interplay between individual and group, the relationship between inside and outside, self-perception and representation.

In TO THIS END, IT IS NOT ENOUGH/, the video of this performance is a component of an installation that addresses the dynamics of the live event: windowpanes painted bright orange and orange-colored sheets of material link the inside and outside of the gallery. From the tie-dyed material, which served as a wall covering when the video was shot, Arnell builds a tent construction and seating which at the same time can serve as a kind of auditorium and provisional housing for groups that can continually form anew.

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video still, 2009 2009