Essaying Performative Constructions

Solo show at SEPTEMBER, Berlin 25.06.2011 – 13.08.2011

Excerpts from the Press Release
For Essaying Performative Constructions, her second solo exhibition at SEPTEMBER, Malin Arnell, who lives in Stockholm and in Berlin, has created a gigantic architectonic scaffolding. A key aspect of the artist’s work is working together with others—creating coalitions and collaborations as alternatives to the individual subjective position. On the day of the opening, on the lawn outside the gallery, she will erect an accessible five-meter-high wooden tower made from pre-fab triangular modules: a mixture of jungle gym, viewing platform, perch, and watchtower. The construction will be disassembled on the following day and rebuilt in altered form in the exhibition space. In Arnell’s installation, the basic form of the triangle is associated with the modular construction of Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Domes, but also with symbols such as the pink triangle the Nazis used to identify gay men or the triangles in pentagrams. At the same time, Arnell’s work also incorporates outdoor and indoor space, concentrating not on the finished work of art, but on the process of installment and disassembly, whereby the built construction and the construction of commonality become inseparable.

The video Sporing Lips of Transposed Desire (2011) is a collaboration between Malin Arnell and Pablo Zuleta Zahr. The work, in which Arnell acts out autoerotic fantasies on a tree covered in fungus, was shot in a northern Swedish forest. Sporing Lips of Transposed Desire arose spontaneously during a hike. The film is characterized by Arnell’s interest in a feminist redefinition of pornography and references the “queer” tradition in filmmaking, such as the work of the American artist Barbra Hammer, who made experimental films in the 1970s that addressed taboo themes such as menstruation, female orgasm, and lesbian sexuality. At the same time, Sporing Lips of Transposed Desire is also an ironic play on the countless amateur outdoor pornos circulating in the net that use nature merely as a backdrop and not as an object of lust, desire, and longing.

Sporing Lips of Transposed Desire Essaying Performative Constructions