During 2001-2006, I worked with Konstakuten (The Art Emergency Room) - an artist run non-commercial gallery, located at Nackagatan in Södermalm, Stockholm.

Konstakuten was founded in 1995 by Árni Gudmundsson, Per Hüttner, Thomas Elovsson and Lars Hammarström in a room of Roslagstull old hospital. In 1999 the gallery moved to Nackagatan. In 2001, the old board left the entire business to a new board, which consisted of Henrik Andersson, Malin Arnell, Camilla Backman, Niklas Hansson, Josefin Herolf, Ottilia Holmström, Sofia Häyhtiö, Patrik Lindgren and Mattias Åkeson. Some of us worked together until autumn 2006 when the Konstakuten were shut down.

In conjunction with the 10th anniversary celebration, we published a book consisting of the work that Konstakuten did between 1995-2005. The book was published in Swedish and containing texts by Sofie Sweger, Per Hüttner, Árni Gudmundsson, Thomas Elovsson, Cristian Rieloff, Joseph Herolf, Mattias Åkeson, Malin Arnell, Sofia Häyhtiö, Camilla Backman, Patrik Lindgren, Reality Board, Emma Reichert and Elena Tzotzi from Signal, Linus Elmes, Diana Kaur and with art works by Jennifer McMackon, Klara Lidén, Åsa Elzén and Mark Wetzel, Jossystems (Claes Ericson, Thomas Frössman, Dan Bränvall) Alessandra Di Pisa, Niklas Hansson and Ottilia Holmström.

Konstakuten 1995-2005 book.PDF (in Swedish)