Put the light out, erase a line
July 28th - August 5th 2007
Studio44, Stockholm, Sweden

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Curator statement

Where I am, I don't know, I'll never know, in the silence you don't know,
you must go on, I can't go on, I'll go on.

Samuel Beckett

The first time I took part in a Pride parade was in 1998. Europride was taking place in Stockholm. I was marching with thousands of others, an enormous rainbow flag in my hand. We walked from Tantolunden, past Slottet, alongside Strandvägen towards Skansen. We shouted: WE ARE HERE – WE ARE QUEER – GET USED TO IT! over and over again. For a short moment in the summer heat nothing else existed than the light blue sky the colour of the rainbow and our calls. My burning conviction running through my veins. I’m not just a dyke I’m an artist too – or is it the other way around – or does it really matter? Don’t know – sometimes it matters more than anything – sometimes it doesn’t matter at all. Mostly I’m not the one who decides. Heteronormativity affects my movements, my range of choices – my gaze, my thoughts.

To me art works as a way of seeing, as a way of acting – navigating, as a way of speaking realities – convictions.

Everything carries different meanings. Meanings that we have the possibility to connect to and understand in various ways, depending on our positions, experiences and belongings.

We don’t need to understand. We can respect.

Everything has a value. A value that can be placed in the cultural, economic or psychological. Different systems that constantly overlap. Our desire is part of these systems and it is shaped by their values and intrigues.

I’m in motion in the world, you’re in motion in the world – the world is in motion in us.

In the exhibition Put the light out, erase a line we meet a number of artists that in different ways, momentarily, act entirely on their own terms.

It's an exhibition about daring to look – and see – despite the darkness. Pitch darkness. To always – time and again – examine the possibilities – and impossibilities. To erase the line – the lines, and start all over again. To draw new lines, and to always always remember. To capture. To conquer – and reuse.

In the book project A Room of One’s Own/A Thousand Libraries, Kajsa
lets all the marginal notes from a 1000 library copies of Virginia Woolf’s novel “A Room of One’s Own” form a book in itself.

Stefan Forss treats the existential with both playfulness and severity in the mobile sculpture Game and in the Polaroid What happened that summer that made me think of weapons?

In the action Stand Piece High Heel Sisters stand in places they want to
conquer in the city. They stand for 15 minutes, side by side, to renegotiate purposes and to measure happiness.

Karl Holmqvist creates through his treatment of language – citations, repetitions - in the video I’m with You in Rockland – vibrating connotations and contexts of words.

In the video Techno Battle by Klara Liden and Hanna Liden two odd figures play dodgeball – a burning rite of sacrifice – with some of the attributes of high-tech materialism.

In the animated video The Choir Project Tilda Lovell lets a number of individuals with different experiences, (made out of animal skeletons, fur, hair, feathers and dolls clothing) break out in a song each, concluding in a Finnish folk song.

Ulrike Muller rides the line in her abstract formal sequence of drawings Curiosity, where bodily and biological significants represent and manifest the queer.

With minute alterations to the knowable Laercio Redondo challenges the normativity of our everyday life. In the video I don’t love you anymore a gas-infused thread is burning in slow motion. In the animation Boy Heroes an ultra-nationalistic illustration from Greece in 1967 has been given a homoerotic meaning.

WARM THANKS to the artists Laercio Redondo, Klara Liden, Hanna Liden, Tilda Lovell, Karl Holmqvist, High Heel Sisters, Ulrike Muller, Kajsa Dahlberg, Stefan Forss, Gregg Bordowitz, Lindy Larsson and Marta Oldenburg. THANKS to Mats Lundell and Anna Linder/Filmform, Åsa Zandzén, Camilla Backman, Josefin Herolf, Studio 44, Stockholm Pride 2007 - Pride på Stan

Malin Arnell
Berlin July 11th 2007

OPENING Saturday July 28th 7 pm ­ 1 am
Music/perfomance by MARA and LINDY (N/S) Live performance by Gregg Bordowitz (US), Malin Arnell (S/DE), Ulrike Muller (AU/US), Klara Liden (S/DE)

VIDEO SCREENING Tuesday July 31th 7 pm ­ 9.30 pm
As a part of the exhibition Put the light out, erase a line, Anna Linder and Malin Arnell will present a selection of video works by:
Wynne Greenwood (US)/ K8 Hardy (US), Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay (CA)/ Pascal Lièvre (F), High Heel Sisters (N/S/DE), Kajsa Dahlberg (S), Klara Liden (S/DE), Mara Mattuschka (AU), Deirdre Logue (CA), Dani Leventhal (US), Emily Roysdon (US)

Curator: Malin Arnell, Initiator: Stefan Forss