Untitled (Just Because Everything Is Different Does Not Mean Anything Has Changed), a project/workshop/performance (2011), for Disclosure – exhibition as discourse as disco, 12th Istanbul biennial parallel event, Dogzstar, Istanbul. Curated by: Lisa Rosendahl/IASPIS.

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The project Untitled (Just Because Everything Is Different Does Not Mean Anything Has Changed) explored the political and aesthetic possibilities residing in the togetherness based on shared desires and engagements in the notion of queer feminism.

Excerpt from the project description/invitation: "During the project/workshop/performance we will investigate what kind of physical knowledge exists in our bodies as political beings. We will use our desires to move and be moved. We will ask ourselves what are the physical manifestations of politics and the political in the specific time and place we are at. Together, we will explore the different possibilities of moving as a group, both in the studio, in the public space and at a night club, experimenting with seemingly simple everyday actions, such as lying down, standing, talking, walking and notions such as conflict, the political body and the embodiment of politics. Reflecting on a political map of Istanbul, we will identify the socially charged spots of the city, and manifest our presence."

The performance at Dogzstar (September 17, 2011) was developed together with noise musician KOEFF and the workshop participants Mariana Fernandes, Dilan Ceylan Emektar, Yigit Daldikler, Alime Asl? Demir, Kübra Varol, Clara López Menéndez, Malin Arnell, Nese Ceren Tosun, Johana Wagner, Daniela K. Campo, P?nar Özer, Mirjam Rüb, Gokce Yigitel, Gizem Aksu, Nurgül Öztürk, Deniz Nihan Akta.

The project was developed with the help of project assistant Clara López Menéndez.